Sunday, June 12, 2011

PALS Issue 42... nearly there

I'm just in the process of finishing writing Issue 42 of PALS, ready to upload it in a couple of weeks time. In this issue, I've managed to include an article about our recent trip to Paris, which is good for two reasons:

1) I get to relive our trip to Paris, which I really, really enjoyed! I was shying away from writing the article because I thought it would be hard work, but I actually enjoyed re-reading about it. And it wasn't really hard work at all!

2) I've actually managed to write about a trip we've made in the last 6 months in an issue of PALS, meaning it's a pretty up-to-date article. It usually takes me years! I could have included an article about Venice, which we only visited last month, but I have quite a few articles on Italy now so am hoping to turn them into a future issue...

Anyway, look out for the Paris article, amongst other things, in Issue 42 which should appear before the end of June.

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