Tuesday, March 02, 2010


After A LOT (an hour and a half worths, this evening alone) of fiddling in Dreamweaver, Seamonkey and Publisher (2000 and 2007), I have finally got Issues 33 and 34 of PALS to look almost as they should in both IE and Firefox (not that Firefox was ever a problem, to be fair). I say almost because I've left Pages 3-4 of Issue 33, which Dan had added polls to, alone - I got the impression he really didn't want to have to deal with them again! The result is that one or two lines of text are slightly cut off, but I'm really not too bothered by that.

Turns out that the solution was indeed to go back to using Publisher 2000. How rubbish is a new system that isn't compatible with Internet Explorer? Unimpressed. At least I know that in the future I just have to stick with doing things old school. It might take 5 minutes longer to add the links in and check the pages look OK, but it WON'T take 4 hours of fixes that don't work every other month.

And my brain was clearly getting a bit frazzeld towards the end as I was changing things and wondering why it wasn't working when I uploaded them. It took Dan to realise I hadn't changed the links from the old 2007 Publisher links to the new 2000 Publisher links. If that makes any sense at all? I know what I mean - just rejoice that it now works and you should be able to read it any web browser. And I won't have to write any more of these blog posts - and you won't have to read them!

See the all-new, mostly sparkly Issue 33 and Issue 34 here!

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Anna Lawson said...

PS USe Firefox anyway - it still looks better!