Saturday, February 13, 2010

Theatre visits

Although I've finished Issue 34 of PALS (due to be uploaded at the end of the month), I was feeling inspired to write a piece about my past theatre visits (especially those in London and Bristol), so I spent a couple of hours doing that this afternoon.

I wasn't expecting it to take quite so long to write, but I had to trawl through old diaries in order to remember what I had seen, where and, sometimes, whether or not I had enjoyed it! Remembering what I had seen was enjoyable - sometimes even remembering how awful the bad ones were was good fun!

Another reason for me being in a bit of a hurry to finish it was because I wanted to go and make Valentines Day cakes as a surprise for Dan (albeit one he half knew about, as he was in the house when I was making them). I expect there will be a post about them on our (his?) Gastronomically Terrific blog soon!

Anyway, the plan for the theatre write-up is for it to appear in a future PALS Special, although it may not be for a few months yet. If you're a keen theatre-goer and would fancy writing a piece about any/ all of the shows you have seen, I'd love to see it - and am sure I could incorporate it into the PALS Special!

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