Saturday, December 05, 2009

Issue 33 getting there

I've finally managed to sit down and make a concerted effort to write the majority of Issue 33 of PALS.

I had been waiting for a while to get some more contributions to people's favourite books and movies, but haven't received any. I'm hoping this is because you're all too busy Christmas shopping, or simply don't have much to say about your favourite books/ movies (if you even have any), rather than because you're bored of reading PALS!

Anyway, it turns out I had a fair bit to say relating to plans for changes to the newsletter (certainly enough for two pages), and enough contributions to fill one page of the newsletter, so with a bit of editing and rearranging, the newsletter is now nearly complete! I have one last article to write, but 2 and a half weeks in which to write it (only 6 of those days when I'm at work - heh!), so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Watch out for the article when it is released in late Dec!

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