Thursday, November 19, 2009

Newsletter updates

I've been making some progress on Issue 33 of PALS, writing up a piece on things that have changed in relation to PALS recently, and things that I'm considering changing in the future.

I'm hoping to incorporate some "quick polls" into this article, asking people for their opinions on certain things. After talking to Dan, this is possible using a web editing package like Dreamweaver, so setting it up will have to wait until I'm basically ready to upload the issue. But it can be done, so that's good news!

I had quite a lot I wanted to say, so it took a while to fit it all on the page, but I got there in the end. Now there are just another 4 articles to write - but I have until mid December so I should be OK! And I'm still waiting on people's favourite books or movies (I've had nothing, so anything would e good right now)!

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