Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy, but not writing PALS

I did mean to work on PALS this weekend, but it's looking unlikely... it's been a long day today because (and this is good news for us!) we finally went up in a hot air balloon! The flight was an AM one though, so I've been awake since 5am. Which means I'm somewhat lacking in motivation to write interesting articles right now. On top of that, I'm currently not getting very many (well, any) articles to add to the next issue of PALS - so it may be a very short one... If you're reading this and have anything to say on any of the topics (see the Press Release below), I'd really love to hear it! I know I've abused some of you with e-mails/ requests in letters - please respond!

The other reason for not working on PALS this weekend is because we're now going to be spending most of it in North Wales, hopefully at the top of Snowdon (although considering the weather we may give in and catch the train - or stay in the pub). Being that we'll be in a tent/ on a mountain, I won't have much computer access. I'll do my best to catch up next week, but right now I think I need some sleep!

Oh, and there will be photos on our website in the near future, probably of both the hot air balloon flight and Snowdon. Watch this space!

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