Sunday, June 22, 2008

Issue 24 Online

Issue 24 of PALS is now on-line. It's a bit earlier than normal this month because we're off on holiday to the Shetland Islands later this week, and I wanted to get the issue released before we left. This time around the newsletter is a "Week in the Life of..." Special, with contributions from an English teacher in Korea, an office worker in Slovakia and a care worker in England. It's 8 pages long in order to fit it all in, and I still have some extra articles on the same subject, so look out for another "Week in the Life of..." special sometime in the future! Uploading it went fairly smoothly this time around, although it did take me a while to add all the links etc. At least I feel like I know how to do it now...

I've made a (very basic) start on Issue 25, with some ideas and an outline for it. I'll start working on it properly in earnest when we're back from holiday in mid July.

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