Sunday, December 16, 2007

So rubbish

Man, I've been rubbish lately! I haven't changed my Avatar for 4 weeks now, and the last time I posted on here was 2 weeks ago. On the bright side, things have been going on behind the scenes and I have just managed to finish off Issue 21 of PALS. I'll check over it and release it next week, in time for Xmas. That's because I'm having a break at Xmas, heading back down to Exeter and London and not thinking about uni/ coursework/ newsletters or anything else except Xmas, eating and drinking for a week or so!

The content of Issue 21 has changed a bit from what I had initially planned, as I got some good articles etc from other people which I've decided to use in this issue, instead of writing my own stuff, which I didn't really feel like I had time to do. But I am quite proud that I put anything together at all!

Uni-wise I am 2 essays down, but there are still 3 to hand in in January - I cannot wait until I get a proper week off at the end of Jan! So it's back to studying tomorrow before I go home for Xmas. Although I am taking the day off to do some much-needed Xmas shopping on Tuesday. Looking forward to that very much!

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