Thursday, July 26, 2007

Much News!

I've finally got around to starting to put together Issue 19 of PALS, as life now seems to be calming down a bit! There are still wedding-related things to sort (the not-so-small matter of printing pics being one big thing), but I do at least have time to get back to doing normal things. It feels good to get back to writing it, and it should be easy enough to have it ready and finished to be released at the end of August - so a while to go yet.

The other news is that I just got offered the relief post at a library/ community centre in Aberdeen which I had an interview for on Tuesday. It's a good job I wrote the newsletter first or I'd be too excited to do it now! I'm really pleased, I really wanted the job - the set-up is perfect for while I'm studying (relief work, so cover as and when they need me), it's more good library experience and I don't have to keep looking for work! Plus the money will be very welcome. It's also pretty close to home - about a half an hour walk, which is perfect.

Anyway, that's not at all related to anything to do with PALS, but I'm quite excited about it and had to tell everybody! :)

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