Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More learning...

So, been having a bit of a think about my computer skills recently - the job as Careers info Manager especially has got me thinking about all the things I don't know how to do, as the person who did it before me has a postgrad qualification in computing and therefore knows a lot more than me!

Some of the stuff it was expected that I should do just hasn't happened because I haven't known how or where to start. Plus my boss suggesting I update my skills to improve job opportunites was a bit of a kick up the bum too...

- Creating/ updating databases to create queries etc. In fairness, I should know this because it was taught in A Level IT. But I found it hard then and have totally forgotten it all now.
- Website knowledge. I can update a web page if I have an obvious tool for doing so, but wouldn't have a clue where to start to create something from scratch.
- Less needed for this job, but feel that if I need to work on web updating skills and creating Access databases, learning advanced (or even just useful) Excel wouldn't hurt either!

The other benefit to all this is that I can make all the things I've already created much better if I do learn some of the above, so there will be a noticeable advantage to learning these things, other than just to improve employment opportunities. Mostly I can make PALS look a lot better and organise everything to do with the newsletter and my penpals!

The problem is, where to start? It's fine if you're in a job and they'll send you on a bunch of courses, but what if not? It appears I may well have an entirely free summer (well, with the exception of a small thing called my wedding) so perhaps some self teaching is in order, at least to begin with - now where do I get those "Books for Dummies" books from...?


Iccle Anne said...

It's probably a good idea to go back and have a look at your IT book (if you chucked it, I still have mine) and have a browse through other books. Many of the computer mags are good, I can understand them, so you can-Andy have loads, esp website building stuff. Most website developers use a design program (like Dreamweaver) unless they are very good at codes and can fully write their own easily (boffins). Any courses in Aberdeen? Try education/community centres or computer cafe type places.

Anna Clarke said...

I chucked my IT book; at the time felt I would never want to look at it again! Admittedly, have never looked at computer mags so maybe should. I can use Dreamweaver and Contribute, but only do the basics. I'd like to learn some basic HTML code, (I know a VERY small amount), just so I have the knowledge to do simple things.
I've had a brief look for courses in Aberdeen - I'm sure they must be out there somewhere but I can't find them! I'll have a proper look/ think once this job is finished (she says like she isn't going to be spending every spare second doing wedding things).

Andy said...

for webdesign stuff:
can be quite cool...