Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, I may be unemployed, but I have been doing productive things!

This weekend a couple of friends came to visit us in Aberdeen, so we spent the time visiting a whole bunch of interesting places, like Slains Castle, Huntly Castle and Bennachie mountain. I'm just finishing off uploading photos of the weekend which you should be able to see soon at our website, in the Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen photo sections. I had to create a new "Aberdeenshire" photo page or the Aberdeen/ Scotland sections were going to be really long!

Other than that, I managed to be pro-active enough to go to the library and find books on using Access - my first project. I've even read the first Chapter, although I haven't actually opened Access yet - that's for tomorrow...

Dan also reminded me that brushing up my Italian was a good idea as we'll be going there in a month, so I've spent two hours today going through exercises etc - have decided to forego learning French and Spanish for a bit so I can focus on my Italian.

And I've started to read the plethora of books and essays etc people have kindly given me on library and information studies - aren't I good, starting to study for it 3 months in advance of it beginning? It's amzing what you can get done when you have an extra 8 hours in the day...

I bet you I've worked harder today than I would have had I been at work for 8 hours...

So, maybe someday soon I will have time to a) write some more of the newsletter and b) be a proper lazy bum who just watches TV and sleeps, but for now nobody can accuse me of not doing useful things, I hope!

Update: hmmm, I've just discovered that uploading photos is failing slightly as there are too many on our website, so I'm going to have to try and fix that...I'll update the blog when it's worked! For the moment though, here a couple of pics - the beach one is of Balmedie, and the forest is in Bennachie near the mountain summit we climbed up.

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