Thursday, March 22, 2007


Just thought I'd use this opportunity to tell people about a painting my bro Stuart has done, which I've also created a PALS Press Release for.

Stuart has decided to put one of his own original pieces of artwork on sale at, which I happen to think is pretty good. If you want to find the item, go to ebay and search under “Art” by typing in “Haytor on Dartmoor in Devon.” It should be the only item that appears. Stuart’s text on the site says:

This painting is of Haytor rocks at Dartmoor national park in Devon; it is signed by me the artist S.J.Clarke and is painted in acrylic onto an unframed canvas board measuring 24" by 18". It is an original painting and a one off it is not a print.

Stuart is mostly looking for feedback, so please send me any comments you have to pass on. Of course, if you did want to put in a bid I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that either! The auction for the item ends on 26 March at 22:28.

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