Sunday, March 11, 2007

Getting there....

It seems like every time I feel like I'm nearly on top of things at the moment, another hundred things come along for me to deal with. I guess that's a typical result of planning a wedding, starting a new job and moving to a different city all within the past 2 months, but it gets a bit frustrating!

Anyway, I'm slowly managing to get on with all the things that need doing - even my in-box no longer looks quite as frightening as it did on Friday. I have managed to keep (sort of) up-to-date with my newsletter too; I spent yesterday writing about Mother's Day in the US - even I learnt some new things! It'll be one of the features in Issue 17.

I've also managed to start revising some Spanish, slowly begun doing useful things toward the wedding (although there is still a long way to go), and even got some exercise! Plus we FINALLY booked things for our honeymoon - that only took us about 6 months from the initial planning stages!

Right, so now I'm on a roll I need to go and make more invites - as I'm feeling positive I need to do more useful things!


Andy said...

Where you going for your Honeymoon?

Anna Clarke said...

Island just off of Malta (when tey confirm the hotel booking) and Sicily.