Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nearly finished

I've just put the finishing touches to Issue 14 of PALS. It won't be released for another couple of weeks, but I'm quite busy until then so I'm quite pleased that I've managed to finish it off a couple of weeks early. It just needs to be checked for spelling mistakes and other obvious mess-ups!

I did realise that I had planned to write up a couple of pieces about places I had visited in the past this weekend but I just haven't had time - instead I'll do them next weekend when I won't have to worry about getting the actual newsletter completed on time! It usually doesn't take me two months to complete the newsletter, but having to write it all myself from scratch combined with me being really busy meant it took longer than usual to put together.

Apart from that, I also managed to write an actual letter today. I alwasy think I should do it more often when I do it, but somehow other things always get in the way...I guess I'll have to make more of a concerted effort with it.

Having said that, I'm off to do something entirely different now! But then, I have spent my afternoon doing letter-related things today.


Iccle Anne said...

Coffee and curry? (Avatar comment... When did you start drinking coffee??!! Ewwww! I bought Mocha hot chocolate (instant) the other day by mistake, only noticed it after adding some to my breakfast porrage (slightly weird I know) and Andy had made himself one! It will be donated on...

Anna Clarke said...

Nooo, I haven't started drinking coffee! It was just cause it was in a coffee house I wrote that. But Starbucks do now do a REALLY nice caramel hot chocolate...and porridge and hot chocolate? That's just plain ODD.