Friday, August 04, 2006

Nearly final!

I've just been writing the last article for the PALS newsletter due out at the end of August; all about the questionnaire and the results I've had. Excitingly, I've managed to remember how to create charts in Excel (haven't done that for 10 years!), so there are now some pretty pictures in that bit of the newsletter. Currently the article takes up 2 pages, but I've not yet had a creature feature. So I may have to remove one page to make way for that article, if it arrives before the end of August. If not, at least I have something to fill the space!

I'm off to either write up a piece on our trip to Berlin last July or to go to bed now; not sure which! I need to ring bridal shops about dresses and visits in the morning, so probably best to get a decent nights sleep. I want to ring them at 9AM when they open (look, that's early for me on a Saturday!) so need to be alert!


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