Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lots to do

Well, I managed to write a piece on our trip to Berlin last Friday; it was kind of nice to have a quick trip down memory lane as I remembered what a fun weekend it was!

Since then, I've not done much with the newsletter as I've had other things to organise - including wedding dresses to think about (and bridesmaids ones too), organising a trip to NYC in November, thinking about our move to Aberdeen and getting all the information on the library course I want to do next year when we move to Aberdeen, after we are married. So I've been a bit busy!

On a letter-related note though, I get a letter from one of my American pals yesterday. I had written to her a week ago, and put in a couple of photos and some leaflets on castles that she asked for. The letter had taken me a while to write, and cost me £2 to post, so I was NOT happy when I got a letter from her saying she'd received the envelope but no letter! I'm so fed up with the crap postal service in England, it's always losing things and yet the prices keep going up and up anyway! Makes you think e-mails are the way forward; computers may crash, but you know once you've sent something it will reach the other end! Anybody else despairing of our hopeless postal system that doesn't do it's job properly? Hardly ever?