Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A start on Issue 10...

Well, I have my first article for Issue 10. Kathy has sent me some answers to my questions about Bratislava, which is excellent. I thought I would get more response to my request for info on cities over Christmas as people would have more spare time and not be at work. Turns out I was wrong and people are far happier to send me things after the Christmas break!

I still have a couple of months before Issue 10 will be released (release date is the end of February), so hopefully I'll get a few more articles before then. If I'm really lucky I'll get too many articles and will be able to use some of the extra ones in future issues!

It really does make life so much easier if the articles are already sat waiting to be used and I don't have to do any chasing or begging. That's always what takes longest. Editing the articles and adding them is a lot of fun, but not so time consuming.

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