Monday, January 02, 2006

PALS questionnaire

Well, I've now had the third response to the questionnaire that's posted on the home page of the PALS website. Two of these have been electronic responses, one on paper.

This is all a bit disappointing because the questionnaire was originally uploaded in late August , when there was also an article about it in the newsletter (Issue 7, Sept/ Oct 2005, pg 2). I was hoping to get a range of responses so I had some idea about improvements people would like to see in the future, or any changes it would be good to make.

The suggestions I have had from the 3 people who have responded have been really good, but I haven't implemented any of them yet as I'm still waiting to see what others think. This is a shame because the first comments came back in August (5 months ago now) and I don't want those who have responded to think I'm ignoring their - really good!- ideas.

As a fall back plan, I have decided to send out paper copies of the questionnaire to my pals, in the hope that they might find this less time consuming and easier to respond to than filling the form in on-line. Hopefully it will also mean I get comments from people who either don't read the newsletter that often, or don't get very much Internet access.

If you have had a look at the newsletter (there's a link to it under my links section), feel free to fill in the questionnaire! There's a link to the questionnaire below as well.

PALS questionnaire

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