Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Weeks 16-26

OK, so it's fair to say I've been rather lax with my baby fruit sizes... considering I last posted at 15 weeks, and I'm now on week 27. I'm not sure leaving posting 12 weeks is considered 'regular'...

To make up for it, here are the fruits that I should have been posting between weeks 16 and 26. A number of weeks are missing because, well, we just don't eat turnips, spaghetti squash or large ears of corn very often, so opportunities to take photos of them are limited. We do however eat:

Bell peppers. This could alternatively have been a sweet potato:

18 weeks
Small bananas. Or, if you prefer, artichokes. Or just 'na-na!' if you're our 18 month old middle child:
20 weeks
21 weeks
Courgettes. Or perhaps a red cabbage:
26 weeks

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