Monday, June 16, 2014

It's been a while...

... almost two years, in fact. Where has the time gone?

Well, this is my attempt at a come-back. Things in my life have changed, lots, and after a two-year hiatus this blog is, I imagine, going to change along with them.

Firstly, I'm not back to writing PALS, and don't imagine that I will be for some time.

However, we do still go on holiday, still love taking photos, and I still want to share them. For the past two years most photos have made it onto Facebook, but not onto our website. This is partly down to the fact that in 2013 we only had "real" one holiday, and only made it as far as North Devon. But we've done our best to rectify this in 2014, and have already had two holidays.

If you've looked at our website in the past two years you'll have noted that it's basically been static since June 2012 (when we went to Spain for a week) as well. In an attempt to fix this, I've now uploaded photos from our holiday to the Isles of Scilly in May 2014. I'm also planning on replacing the photos from Southern Spain and Eastern Canada with photos from two more recent holidays - one to North Devon in May 2013, and one to Geneva, Chamonix and Annecy in January 2014. I haven't quite got that far yet - I've still got a photo hunt, some re-sizing and uploading to do, so it make take a few weeks.

I have no intention of updating the rest of our website though - and that includes my poetry section, my page or Dan's page. They've all been static for some time and will remain that way. There's a particular reason for not updating my page. It links through to Yahoo! Avatars that I used to create. Quite apart from the fact that I'd never find the time (or incentive) to update an Avatar these days, the Yahoo! Avatar system still seems to be broken (two years on) and I've got neither the time nor willpower to come up with a fix. So my sidebar now just shows a recent profile-type picture; currently it's the same as my Facebook one, sometimes it might be the same as my Twitter one. Sometimes all three might even match!

Finally, I've updated the links on this blogs homepage - they were so old that some were out-of-date, some don't exist, and some just weren't that relevant anymore. Oh, and I've also re-written the blurb at the top of the blog so it's more accurate.

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