Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Five things... Venice

So, we just got back from Venice yesterday. Here's my list of five things that I think sum up our few days there:

1. Not knowing anywhere near enough Italian to communicate with the apartment owner or speak any complex sentences. At least I could order beer and wine.
2. The incredibly peaceful feeling of floating along the canals on a gondola ride
3. The massive number of bridges everywhere you went. We counted walking over 40 one day
4. Not having to deal with any cars at all
5. How expensive everything is in Venice – to sitting down in a cafĂ© to drink beer, to paying for the toilets, to the cost of the museums

I've managed to write a piece about our trip for a future issue of PALS, which I'm planning to add to an Italy Special (we've visited enough times now so I can create one fairly easily). Although there is still another Spain Special to come this year so it might not appear for a while yet...

Photos are also on their way, but have yet to be sorted through!

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