Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just working

I know I've been quiet for a bit, but that's just because I've been getting on with things! I've now written the majority of Issue 38 of PALS - it's not due out until the end of October, but it's good to have it mostly complete. I just need to add in some photos - one of the articles is on Christmas baking, but I currently don't have many useful photos. Seems like a good excuse to do some (very) early Christmas baking to me! So that's next weekends task.

Although, just in case you wanted to know, there are now only just under 12 weeks to Christmas. Unlike last year (where I was wrapping presents on 23 Dec, the day we went back to Exeter), I plan to be a little more organised this year! I need to be, because at the beginning of December (when I usually do a lot of the planning), we'll be in Cuba. Yey! Maybe I can get pressies there? For those of you getting presents, if you get cigars, you'll know why...

Anyway, I think I'm digressing a little! Other than working on PALS, I've actually been managing to write some letters in the past couple of weeks. I've started setting some time aside on Friday evenings for this. I used to try and work on Friday evenings (towards my Chartership qualification) but I'm just never in the mood after a busy week at work, and writing letters is so much more enjoyable, and a great way to end the week - it gives me something to look forward to when I get home from work! Having said that, the last few weekends have been pretty quiet socially, so we'll see if the trend continues on weekends where we're busy. I hope it does, because at the moment I'm very nearly up-to-date with my letters (although apologies here to the three of you are still waiting for my reply)!

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