Saturday, June 05, 2010

How do you post yours?

Letters that is, not blog posts.

Anne has writtten a post on her blog all about the issues she has with buying stamps and posting letters - see my comments for how I feel about the same issues!

Her post has also inspired me to think that this topic would make a good Q and A for a future PALS issues - perhaps the Nov/Dec one as the next couple will be Specials. If you've any thoughts on the matter (perhaps you're from a different country where things are very different? Maybe you live in the UK and have a totally point of view?) let me know and I'll incorporate them into a future article!


Iccle Anne said...

Do any have any naughty pen pals who ask for their stamps back because they've covered them in glue or selotape so that they can reuse them?! I've just started to write to one person who does this. The person is from Ireland and has a monthly pen pal magazine @ £3 an issue. The funny thing is that they want cash sent! I know international postal orders are complicated (remember the banker draft we once did), but with Paypal it's simple!

Anna Lawson said...

Yes, I do have one pal that does that. Have you paid to see the monthly pen pal mag? Seems like a good way to lose lots of money in the post...