Thursday, September 03, 2009

Been a bit busy

Hmm, it's been a bit quiet on this blog recently (just saw the last post was nearly 2 weeks ago) so thought I should say hi! I don't have much to say really - I've not worked on PALS at all since I posted Issue 31 a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend was taken up with heading back to Exeter to make our car look red again (it worked too - nearly like a new car!), and I'm back in Exeter again this weekend, in order to avoid a stag do taking place (partially) at my house. Just as long as the house is still standing when I get back...

Next weekend will (hopefully) be somewhat quieter though, so I intend to make a start on Issue 32 too then. I already know basically what will be in the issue, making my life somewhat easier. I just need to find some time to start working on it!

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