Thursday, August 06, 2009

Issue 31 nearly done... and issue 33 started?!

Knowing that tomorrow will mostly consist of baking and cleaning the house (oh, the exciting life I lead - good job I like baking), I decided it might be wise to get on with writing bits of PALS this evening. It turns out it was a pretty good decision and I was actually fairly productive - there's now only one page left to write.

I had to remove a half written article and make another article longer, thanks to a plethora of really good comments relating to travelling from one pal (thanks Bev)! The article is, I think, a pretty good one now, and is basically finished (it either needs a couple more comments or some quotes but other than that it's done). All this resulted in me planning most of what was going to appear in Issue 33 (as 32 will be a Special), as the removed article will appear there now. It will make my life easy in Jan at least I guess!

Anyway, it's all on schedule for uploading at the end of August! Now I might go to bed... or continue being productive as it's going pretty well right now. ;)

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