Friday, June 12, 2009

Cornwall photos and PALS update

I've (finally) had a productive day PALS-wise - or at least website wise! I spent some of the day finishing off writing Issue 30 of PALS, so now it's just a case of doing a quick spell check etc and then uploading the newsletter to the website. That'll happen either next week or the week after, depending upon how much time I have.

I've also added some photos from our recent weekend camping in Cornwall with our friends Anne and Andy, which you can see on our photos website under the Camping in Cornwall section. There aren't many as we were only there for 4 days, but hopefully enough to give a flavour of what we got up to! Now I just need to write up a bit about what we did, and hopefully include it in a PALS issue on our holidays in Cornwall sometime in the future...

Oh, I had to remove the Aberdeenshire photos to make way for the Cornwall ones too, so if you want to see them again you'll have to ask me or Dan!

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