Thursday, May 21, 2009

A couple of adjustments

I've just (finally) spent a couple of hours working on the next issue of PALS - last time I was working on it I was a bit rushed, so I had a few adjustments to make - like remembering to change the date to 2009! It's fun reading the newsletter too, as it was written by a pal, about her visit to Western Australia last year. As I visited a number of the same places back in 2003 when we went travelling (was that really 6 years ago now?!), it's nice to hear somebody elses opinion of the places we saw.

I've also fixed the photos on the Sicily page of our photos website - a couple of the images weren't linking to the right places. It should all be right now though, so if you haven't yet (or it all looked a bit odd when you tried last time) please take a look!

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