Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm trying - and new photos

Why is it nothing is ever as simple as it should be? I sat down to sort out Issue 28 of PALS, thinking I would get ahead on uploading the issue by ensuring all the links were sorted and all I had to do next week was upload the newsletter and let people know it was there...

Very funny. It's never that easy. This time around it's becasue instead of using Dreamweaver I'm using Seamonkey, due to Dan's (not particularly cunning) masterplan of having the old laptop downstairs and my computer, with Dreamweaver on it, upstairs where the Internet connection is, to be frank, rubbish. It being the middle of the day on a Friday, I now have to wait for him to come home so I can see if he can figure out how the hell Seamonkey works, and if I can even add links where I want to. So I've given up for the moment.

In fact, Seamonkey has caused me no end of grief - I've only used it about 3 times and I hate it already. Yesterday I uploaded a whole load of photos from our trip to Southern Spain last week - you can see them on the Southern Spain section of our photos website. It took hours though becasue Seamonkey does some pretty daft stuff. But the photos themselves are good, hope you enjoy them!

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Anna Lawson said...

Apparently a little bit of whinging does you good, because after I wrote this post I went back to see if I could add a link on a different page in Seamonkey, and it happily let me add links everywhere I wanted to, including the pages it had refused to do so with earlier. I might even go and brave my in-box now, and perhaps write a letter, it's been so easy! Why couldn't it be that easy first time round?!