Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Poetry

After a lot of pondering, some typing and much swearing (at the computer, not the poetry), I have finally got around to updating the poetry section of the website! It has been overdue an update for a while now. I try to do it every four months or so, but time got away from me this time around and it took me 6 months; the last time the poems got changed was May 2008. Anyway, now I'm unemployed and have far too much free time on my hands, I've had a chance to get around to doing it. Seriously, I'm free if anyone has a job they'd like me to do! (And no, that doesn't include your ironing, people).

I hope you enjoy the poems - I've tried to include some slightly more recent ones this time around, with only one being included that's pre-2000 (I know, 2000 was 8 years ago, but it is more recent than ones I wrote in 1995!). There are also a number from 2007 and 2008 though!

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