Friday, July 11, 2008

Quotes please

I've spent this evening generally catching up on things - it feels good to be up-to-date for a change! First things first though, I'm now looking for quick quotes on how long you spend writing letters every week. I haven't made a specific press release about this as I'm just looking for a couple of sentences from people - do you write one letter a day, one letter a week, or one letter every 6 months? And does one letter take you 10 mins to write, an hour or 4 hours? I've e-mailed a few of you for quick quotes - hopefully in time to get an article into the next issue of PALS, due out at the end of August.

Other than that, I've spent some time working on some of the articles for the next issue, writing up pieces for a future adventure special (have to recount my Shetland sea kayaking expereinces, where I came face-to-face with a seal, if nothing else), and even writing a letter! I know I say this every time I write a letter, but I do have a resoluton to stay in better touch with my pals! I'm already better than I was a few months ago, but there's a long way to go yet - even if I can manage a letter a week, that's much better than I have been! We'll see...

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