Saturday, March 15, 2008

A welcome break

It seems like forever ago that I last posted on this blog - sorry for being so slack! To be honest, until today not much had happened on the PALS-writing front; I've either been studying or doing fun things like going to Glasgow!

I did finally make a start on Issue 23 of PALS this evening - and managed to re-discover (as I often do) how much I actually enjoy writing it when I finally find the time to do it. So much better than having to think about HR or finance management - and so much more relaxing! So much better, in fact, that I managed to put together half of the next issue already; which is good news because I'm pretty busy for the next two months.

That's really all my news for the moment - I keep you posted on any further developments and, as always, let you know when Issue 23 is released - due out at the end of April.


Andy said...

wow your first comment spam!

Anna Lawson said...

Unfortunately not... I was deleting all the ones that appeared before, they are getting quite annoying! I'm about to delete these as well, so our comments will now only make sense to the two of us...