Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting close

I've managed to spend some time this evening working on both Issue 22 and Issue 24 of PALS, finally making a decision on which articles will make it into the Narch/ April edition! I've gone with my pals account of her holiday in Egypt, as I had all the material for that and can be sure that it'll be ready by 29th Feb, when I plan to upload the issue.

That's not to say that I haven't also been working on Issue 24 though - I've taken a few photos for it, and it's about half way ready. At least my life will be easy in June!

Finally, I've also (finally, with Dan's help) figured out a way to make the front page better, by being able to turn page headings and 'you may find interesting' text into links... but more about that in issue 23 I expect!

And, just in case you care, here's a picture of what I'm currently reading... look like fun?! It's a photo that may well make it into issue 24, but I thought it'd liven up the blog a bit (kind of)...

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