Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well, I've done nothing at all to the PALS newsletter or anything related to it for ages now; but I have been really busy! I;'ve managed to write to all of my pals to send them Xmas cards, and letters too - which I'm quite proud of as it had been 7 or 8 months since some of them had heard from me!

The next week is really busy too; the next time I have a chance to write anything for PALS is likely to be after Xmas now. I'm going to Madrid for the weekend, then to Aberdeen to look for houses and a job interview, then back to Exeter for Xmas.

So I expect this blog will stay quite quiet too - you might hear from me when I'm back in Exeter if I'm bored then! Anyway, I'm off to write one last letter before Xmas. I may not get any sleep tonight...

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