Friday, November 03, 2006

Being ill sucks

I've spent most of this week stuck at home with a really nasty cold, which I've now managed to give to Dan, although mine has almost gone. Which sucks even more because now I probably won't get to go to a fireworks display this weekend, which I was really looking forward to! Still got to go to work tomorrow though...

Anyway, I should stop moaning as in a weeks time I'll be a day away from going to New York. Excited, but also pretty nervous about it. I'll be fine once I arrive.

At least being ill (and spending today recovering) has given me a bit of extra time today, after I felt better, t0 start writing Issue 15 of the newsletter. I've managed to create 3 1/2 of the pages already - admittedly one of them was written already, for a previous issue (it didn't fit so had to wait for this one).

Luckily I have a fair few contributions for this issue of the newsletter, so it's mostly just a case of typing them up rather than writing everything myself again. The contributors are pretty varied too - one from England, one from Germany and one from the USA. It also means I've managed to write a couple of pieces for future issues of PALS - one on North Devon and one on Oxford, although admittedly they are both pretty short.

I did have an idea too! I was worried that after a year of "Event Calendars" the same info would just get continuely repeated, so I've decided that in May (which is when I started the calendar last year) I would have a piece focussing on one of the celebrations that had appeared in the calendar the year before. That should keep me going for a bit, as long as I can find enough info on all the events I know nothing about! It should be fun to read and I'll get to learn something too.

Anyway, this is probably a long enough post for now. Sorry for the lack of photos, but snotty tissues and Lockets are probably a bit dull.

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