Saturday, August 19, 2006


Just a quick post to say I've just spent the day in Salisbury, which was quite good fun, although there's not much to do there in the way of toursity things! However, it hasn't stopped me writing a short piece for my newsletter....along with inspiring me to get on with thinking about all the other pieces I want to write, and coming up with a whole list of "Specials" (mostly related to travel in the UK) to fit them all in!

So, I now have (another) list to deal with...I just have to get on with working on it and writing up some pieces for future newsletters! Amongst other things, there will be articles on Oxford, the Isle of Wight, cycling trips and castles we've visited.

I'm also quite determined to keep up-to-date with writing up pieces about new things I do/ places I visit; hence the instant write-up on my visit to Salisbury! It's also always so much easier to write when it's fresh in your memory.

Oh, the photo here is of the park we visited in Salisbury; it does have some very pretty green bits, although unfortunately the weather wasn't great for sitting in them!

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