Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Around the world

After months of being asked, I have finally created a special PALS newsletter on my trip around the world. Between June 2003 and January 2004 Dan and I spent 7 months travelling. You can find out where we went by reading Issue 8 (Nov/ Dec 2004) of the newsletter!

Since I got back a number of my pals have been asking for an account of my travels. Getting all the text, pictures and photos together took a while so unfortunately they had to wait. I thought that using PALS would be a good way to distribute the information on my travels, and possibly be a way to get other people to read it too.

This issue will also be the first time that the text has run on for more than 4 pages. I haven't extended the length of the newsletter itself, but there is a link at the very end of page 4 so that you can read a full account of my travels if you want to, rather than just what I've written about the first half of our trip.

Link to PALS Issue 8

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