Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Regular contributor

Issue 6 is about to be posted on the website, and I had to do so little! My pal Tracy has, amazingly, written a bunch of pages for me about Madagascar. It means the entire Issue 6 special will be on Madasgacar. All I needed to do was add all the information into the newsletter.
Although Tracy had written everything out on paper and I needed to type it into Publisher, along with adding some pictures (which she had sourced), the fact that somebody else had basically written the issue for me was excellent - especially as I have been on holiday for most of June!

Having to add all the information into the newsletter whilst trying to keep everything as close to what Tracy expected as possible was something of a challenge however, and certainly taught me a lot about design. I just hope that I did her article justice!

Even better, Tracy seems really keen to continue to write articles for me on things she's interested in in the future - one of her suggestions is a regular 'Creature Feature' about different kinds of animals that she's studied or is interested in. I think this is a great idea and the first piece will no doubt be appearing in a future issue of PALS soon!

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