Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Beginning

The idea came to me that it would be good fun, and interesting, to start up a newsletter. When trying to think about what I was interested in and what might attract an audience, the thought of something related to my hobby of pen palling entered my head.

The title - PALS - was the easy part, it seeming so obvious. The hard part was deciding how much time I had to write articles, what sort of articles would be of interest (the problem was there could be such a vast range, but they wouldn't necessarily all be interesting to everybody who writes letters. Our interests are wide and varied!), and HOW I would maintain and distribute the newsletter.

A couple of conversations with Dan (my boyfriend, general IT man and without whom the pages would never have left my desktop) later and I had the makings of a newsletter, a way of posting it to the web and a hunger to begin! All I needed to do now was sit down and start writing some articles (or at least beg others to write them for me)....

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